24 Feb, 2013 @ 08:30
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Bumpy ride in Andalucia

Potholes e

MOTORISTS are more likely to damage their car in Andalucia than anywhere else in Spain, according to new statistics.

A study by the Spanish Union of Insurance Companies (UNESPA), found there were 351,231 minor road accidents in the region last year alone, taking the lead from both Madrid and Catalunya.

The report also revealed that throughout the whole country over 1.77 million crashes were recorded without injury, meaning a bump occurred every 18 seconds.


  1. The roads in Andalucia are a disgrace. There is no upkeep or essential maintenence and when a hole appears they either fill it with tarmac, or earth! The railways may be state-of-the-art but inland roads are third world.

  2. Inland motorways though are amazing compared to nearer the coast (& compared to uk motorways!! Jeez)… where abouts do you drive.. after leaving the coast from the south to Granada they’re fantastic & hardly a car on them.. INLAND that is…

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