A STUDY has revealed that workers are eating all three meals at their desks, causing them to put on up to an extra stone in weight.

Early starts mean many people will eat the first meal of the day at their desks and with no time to go out for lunch they are eating lunch at their desks too.

Some people are even finishing off their working day eating their evening meal in the office.

The study, commissioned by snack company, Wonderful Pistachios, found half of the people they surveyed ate breakfast and lunch at work while one in ten ate all three meals there.

A spokesman for Wonderful Pistachios said: “Workplace conversation about food, boredom and a constant flow of treats brought in by colleagues all combine to easily knock people off the healthy eating path.”

According to the study, dining ‘al desko’ means the average person puts on almost a stone in the first year of office work, with 11lbs being the average weight gain.

Four in ten of the people surveyed also indulge in at least two unhealthy snacks throughout the day for either an energy boost or to lift the spirits.

The average worker will spend at least five hours and 40 minutes of their day completely desk bound.


  1. Banks, town halls, tax offices etc all down tools to go out for breakfast. Of course it never makes a difference if they are busy or there are loads of people waiting as they believe its their right. The guy in my local bank actually meets is wife for breakfast.

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