KEEN adventurers who want to raise funds for a worthwhile cause are being invited on a charity trek in Morocco.

Gibraltar-based charity, the Rif Community Foundation, or Rifcom, as it has become known, are organising two treks from May 24 to 27 and October 25 to 29.

The trek in May lasts for three days and aims to promote awareness of the Rif Mountains, its people and its culture.

The event costs €415 per person which includes food, accommodation and travel from Gibraltar.

The October trek challenges walkers to climb North Africa’s highest mountain, Jbel Toubkal in the High Atlas and requires those taking part to raise €1,000 in sponsorship.

Robert Dyke, who took part in the trek last October, said: “I gained so much from my experience including friendship and fresh insight.

“It’s easy to be busy with first world problems but once you go to Morocco and see the struggles people face every day, it gives you fresh perspective and reminds you how lucky you are.”

For more information on Rifcom and their 2013 treks, visit: or email:



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