IT is not just British lagerlouts who have been shocking Spain.

An estimated 18,000 Granada teenagers left a shocking 49 tonnes of rubbish to clear up after their annual so-called ‘macro-botellon’ in the city.

The mass drinking event, which is attended by more people each year, caused outrage in the city, in part after causing six kilometres of tailbacks.

It certainly can’t have pleased the local dustmen.

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  1. For goodness sake. If the only headline tht c ould be dug up after the event was that there was tonnes of rubbish well I would say well done guys, no mass violence, no drunken yobs, no shop windows broken/ looted,
    What a comparison to what happened in Liverpool
    Bristol and Brixton when Lady Thatchers death was annonuce. Makes you proud to be British ……….NOT !

  2. What has a botellon got to do with Lady Thatchers death? A botellon is organised to specifically stop violence and vandalism since the people are all contained in one place. Not sure what you meant by this comparison, David. A botellon and a riot are two entirely different things are they not?

  3. @FRED I was making a comparison between 2 current headlines, but basically my point is that so many young people gathered, no headline,just some rubbish left behind, in comparison to the drunken and city centre violence which occurs in the British inner cities almost every weekend b, basically this was a peaceful non event.

  4. Totally agree with everything David said. Even in sleepy Wiltshire, drunken yobs are the norm most weekends where I live , try travelling on a train on any late service out of London . I won’t make any further comment about the dregs that have come out of the wood work in recent days following the death of Maggie Thatcher . I would gladly swap my British nationality with anyone right now.

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