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The unmistakable image of Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher by Karl Smallman e

THIS photograph of Margaret Thatcher was taken by Olive Press web manager Karl Smallman back in 1988.

He took the picture when he was a photographer and the then Prime Minister visited the Institute of Horticultural Research in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.


  1. ad,
    quite right she rolled back all the gains made in social justice that the returning soldiers who made sure their fellow soldiers/sailors and airmen and all the civilians who had died did not do so in vain.

    The public schoolboys were frightened that they would turn their anger on to those scum who had made fortunes out of all the blood and death instead of working for no profit until the war was over.

    I remember sitting down to lunch in a works canteen in the Netherlands in 1980 and an old Dutchman about to retire said to me ” here in the Netherlands we had better conditions of employment before WW11 than you have today in Britain”. The ordinary Dutch today retire on 90% of their final salary which is index linked, just like the bosses do in the UK – this of course means that there is much less work for non productive civil servants since no rebates need to be applied for rent/heating etc. etc.

    She also engineered the Falklands war by not doing what Labour had done – keeping anti-aircraft missile batteries and a couple of submarines always on standby there, thereby giving the green light to the Argies.

    She also started the whole banking debacle that came to a head in 2008 with de-regulation. Sold off all the utilities that already belonged to the British people.

    Squandered all the oil and gas wealth that could have engineered a renaissance in British industry and infrastructure. Had she really had any intelligence or real patriotism all the infrastructure nec. to tap the oil and gas deposits would have been created in the UK and only allowed enough to be pumped to satisfy UK demand – we would now be sitting on a vast resource growing in value by the day – oil sold @ $10 per barrel/price yesterday @ $105.87 per barrel.

    Contrast this with that terrible social democracy (is’nt it vile) Norway that only allowed foreign workers into the business until Norwegians had aquired the skills nec. and then got rid of them.

    Even more vile is the fact that instead of squandering this once only windfall in huge profits mainly for foreign companies the Norwegians invested the profits in creating the second largest sovereign wealth fund in the world which puke inducingly is shared by all the Norwegian people – oh yes I forgot to add – Norway has no sovereign debt at all, that’s why our capital is in Norwegian Kronas.

    She warmly welcomed PW Botha in to No 10. Counted the mass murderer Pinochet as a friend. Stood by Pol Pot’s Kampuchea because Vietnam had invaded and was livid that a little country like that had defeated the mighty USA even though it used Agent Orange and Napalm to great effect to kill and produce horribly deformed children and destroy great swathes of virgin rain forest.

    Oh I forgot to mention coal miners – with the help of that little egotistical faece Scargill she closed the mining industry, ripping the life out of the mining communities and helped to create the underclass that costs so much in taxpayers money today and for the indefinate future – really great economics that.

    Contrast that with Germany that until it shut down it’s own coal industry was subsidising German coal production by 500% – it kept the Deutchmarks in Germany rather than feeding foreign coffers – sound economics. Then it spent lots of money retraining those miners so that today those ex mining towns and villages are prosperous and contributing taxes to the German State rather than being a running sore.

    Yes ad she really put the great back into Britain. Today there is no party in existence that any intelligent UKer can vote for – who knows a little man with a snotcatcher moustouche may enter stage right with all the answers and some sexy uniforms to put all the frightened serfs into.

  2. The only thing i would say about Norway is that they produce as much oil as the UK, maybe more now and their population is probbaly 5 million or so so they have more money than they need. I had a firend who worked for Statoil. Stayed at one of their Company cottages in the mountains once.

  3. reap,
    they could have squandered it like the Saudis’ have done from the beginning of the oil wealth but they did’nt.

    I went to school with one of the nephews of the Kuwaiti sheik – Sabah al Sabah, he said he could get me a job there on £100 per week, when a skilled worker’s wages then were £20. Nowadays he would have gone to Eton or harrow – esta la vida.

    Re. the oil – saw a great programme on Al Jazeera/english – called – The Seven Sisters. All about the world’s biggest oil companies, assasinations/coups, all to further profitable interest and they are still at it today in the old Soviet satellites.

    But what was interesting to me as Brit was how Thatcher went along with Reagan who persuaded the Saudis to pump so much oil that the price crashed to €10 per barrel, which speeded up the fall of the USSR – you could’nt make it up.

  4. Stuart you write – “You could’nt make it up”

    Well apparently you can. I have never read so much drivel in my life.

    You should write a book, all the miss-guided, brainwashed, leftie sheeple would regard you as their hero

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