9 Apr, 2013 @ 14:42
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Socialists call for €1 billion poverty fund in Spain

alfredo perez rubalcaba

THE opposition party has called for a one-billion-euro fund to be created to tackle growing poverty in Spain this year.

Socialist secretary general Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba described the current situation as a ‘national emergency’ and asked leaders for a ‘great commitment’ in fighting the problem.

“This initiative is to bring together everyone to find a way out of this problem, which gets more dramatic by the day,” he said at after announcing the proposal.

Rubalcaba said the initiative would help more than 500,000 families, create or maintain 30,000 jobs, and help a further 80,000 people return to employment.


  1. When will this idea stop? Printing money, in this case 1 billion is inflation of the money supply which causes rising prices and increased government spending. This is why we are in a depression and why it will continue. Paper money is economic suicide and rips off the tax paying working class at the same time by decreasing the value of their money. Remember government produces nothing and the only money they have is what they have taxed from the people.
    Politicians need to get educated; will they? Not whilst they are able to increase salaries for themselves. The public must learn about economics, it’s simple stuff. Go to “http://www.professorfekete.com/” and read about money and credit. Read about truthful monetary systems. Neo- Austrian or Austrian systems. If you really want to know about what is going on try Thedailybell.com It’s free. Philip

  2. Food banks and clothing collections, what a depressing state of affairs for Spain in the 21st Century. And yet, just a few years ago, these monumental problems with the economy were not even mentioned.

  3. Morons here in California are always trumpeting Spain’s high speed rail system as example for California high speed rail. 25% unemployment and raising! Spain’s rail system is a huge tax burden, their economy was not based on wealth creation,but short term wealth by a housing boom and high speed rail. All abroad Spain’s train of pain!

  4. Philip,
    good post but the last thing the elites want is a clued up population, that would destroy the lucrative cash cow that is pensions/insurance and banking.

    The closest I know to a real democratic country is the Netherlands. There a pension pot will yield a pension 2.5 times that of the UK for the same input.

    How many got ripped off with ‘whole of life policies’ – my partner paid into one of these and after 30 years got back just about what she paid in. Had she been advised honestly she could have made the same contributions into the world’s first unit trust – the Midland & General and would have come out with lots of money, enough to purchase 2 apartments at the time she took a mortgage out on 1.

    The last year at school whether going out into the workplace or on to uni should be one where young people get clued up to all the rip-offs.

    Pensions – initial units = theft of up to 2 years contributions. Churning = charges for fund changes/hidden charges for maintenance of the policy – it goes on and on.

    Whole of life policies – never mix up life(death) insurance with investment – 80% plus of 1st year payments go the the salesman/woman that conned you. I say saleswoman because a German doctor friend of ours thought she could trust another woman to advise her honestly on pension investment she got ripped-off but at least I managed to stop her investing anymore money in the crap product and she reported the scam to the appropriate German authority and got her money back.

    Straightforward life(death) insurance can be used not only to protect a spouse and children or for parents that may not be wealthy should you be single and pop your clogs and importantly can be used to insure a business loan – banks get really peed off when someone clued up produces there own life insurance to cover a loan.

    There is an optimum age, different for men and women to get best bang for bucks to start a life(death) insurance policy.

    As Philip said – these economic facts are not hard to grasp but since the banking/pensions and insurance sharks would be out of work or earning much less it will never happen since the parasites known as politicians are in their pockets and would lose out on very lucrative board appointments in those industries when they retire or get kicked out of the office.

    I feel really sad for some young Spanish I knew in Guadix who took out 50 year mortgages on crap built apartments at the top of the market – screwed for life.

    It amazes me that so many ordinary people think that a piece of paper money has any real value, it’s value is transitory and one day may only have value as toilet paper.

  5. Al – interesting proposal but short on details. WHERE does the 1 Billion Euros in VALUABLE money come from?? Printing paper Euros doesn’t do it, only adds to inflation. Do you propose the 1 Billion valuable Euros comes via donations from your Party that got us into this can of worms, the Royal Family when not out hunting exotic Animals… etc — WHERE, Al!??
    Meaningless criticisms worth 0 – we need valuable solutions!

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