26 Apr, 2013 @ 20:25
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Marbella regular Max Clifford charged with sex offences

Max Clifford

COSTA del Sol regular Max Clifford has been charged with 11 counts of indecency against women and children between 1966 and 1985.

The alleged offences relate to seven different women and girls ranging in age from 14 to 19 years old.

Mr Clifford, who spends much of the year in his Marbella villa, was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, originally set up after claims were made against Jimmy Saville.

The arrest is unrelated to the investigations against the former BBC DJ.

Mr Clifford, 70, from Hersham, Surrey, who previously denied any wrongdoing, will appear in court on May 28.

He was not charged over three further allegations as there was “insufficient evidence to authorise charges”, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

Max Clifford, who was first arrested in December last year, was charged after answering bail at a London police station following advice from the CPS.

He was later released on bail and is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The PR Guru, who has represented hundreds of famous and infamous clients once offered his services to improve Marbella’s image, but his fees, said to be thousands of euros a week, were rejected by the cash strapped town hall.

A source told the Olive Press that Max had looked relaxed as he sipped coffee in the sun on a short visit to his Nueva Andalucia pad earlier this week.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. He has already publicly denied the allegations, and has said he will clear his name. Which means he is clearly accusing the seven girls, now women, of perjury, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, attempting to procure his false imprisonment, and several other very serious offences. It will be interesting to see who is telling the truth. He has admitted that over many years he has made up stories and fed them to the press. “Freddie Star ate my hamster” was one of his. He also admits that he has covered up child abuse by his clients. see

  2. Sad for the UK Government under Cameron & Clegg – trying legal events that occured 25 to 50 YEARS AGO with alledged violators that are too old to put in Jail!??
    Davey – how about something more current and higher priority to Taxpayers (those who MAY elect you?) like immigration out of control, violent crimes in London out of control, fraud in benefit for unemployment/incapacity/housing et al out of control, inability to ACT to rid the UK of known terrorists like this Quatada, YOUR unWILLINGNESS to call an in/out Referendum on the EU before the next election because you know “better” than UK taxpayers, a blind eye on your being rejected by the EU Commission for trying to “renegotiate” terms of UK membership that EU will NOT allow, examples where the EU leading heads will not even MEET with you to discuss such issues?, et al. I cannot THINK of anyone in the UK who is STUPID enough to vote for you in 2015!
    Think about a future, full time job back in University!! because UK taxpayers will not give you another job for your lack of results related to Taxpayers’ needs, and your failure to meet your pre-election promises to Taxpayers .. nor will the EU. Suggestion – as alternate to a non-results oriented job in a university, there’s used car sales, real estate, and Derivatives Investments sales….

  3. Max _ I’d suggest you and the other “alledged persons” fight HARD with the same strategy as Lord Sugar, whose “victim” looked like she was just seeking mucho dosh! And she lost.
    Sometimes a great Defense is a great Offense! and 50 years AFTER any event …. go for it! You and the rest will win.

  4. J Molitor

    How have you managed to turn a story about a man accused of serious sexual offence (which you curiously later urge him to get off), into a rant against the PM?

    It’s not like he’s going to read it on The Olive Press is he?

  5. J Molitar,

    You do realise that years ago the police refused to listen to those young people who had the courage to come forward at the time.

    You do realise that this abuse has destroyed their lives.

  6. J.Molitar: Apart from all the other nonsense you write. You are NEVER too old to be put in the nick in the U.K. Even Ronnie Biggs was kept incarcerated when he was too ill and too old, to speak, walk or eat. (Happily, he can at least ,stick two fingers up still)

  7. Breaking news – Stuart Hall after his verbal b/s of two months ago has pleaded guilty to 14 counts of sexual assault and one case of rape has been left on the file – now all those who suffered abuse by this filthy paedophile must sue him for every penny in the civil courts.

    Anyone who defends this kind of scum raises questions about their motives – let’s hope this obvious question does’nt get moderated out this time

  8. I had a comment oddly moderated out too!

    I merely suggested it’d be standard practice for local cops to speak to those in his employ here to see if there are Spanish victims?

  9. how do you prove these allegations….beyond reasonable doubt etc…after so many years..? After all it is all hearsay, allegations…. difficult I would have thought..? OK Mr Hall has pleaded guilty..but if you don’t..??

  10. Could it be Mr. Hall has pleaded guilty after being faced with incontrovertible evidence ? We won’t know. Because of his guilty plea, it won’t be tested in court. The slightly brighter note of that, is the unfortunate victims will not need to be dragged through the courts.

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