THE mayor of Mojacar has become internationally famous after threatening to ban the game of dominoes in her town.

In a crackdown, on noise mayoress Rosa Maria Cano insists that the ‘slap slap’ sound of dominoes is an affront to the  peaceful nature of the town.

The PP mayor is also introducing fines for loud revellers and insisting that bars must close by 2.00am rather that 3.00am.

As well as loud music, the clank of cash registers, the sound of high heels from the apartment upstairs, as well as dogs barking are all coming under attack.

Culprits will face fines of up to 3,000 euros.

‘We have gone from being paradise to a drunken purgatory’, she explained.


  1. CONGRATULATION to the Mayor of Mojacar, having solved all the MAJOR, REALLY IMPORTANT Problems in her Village she has now gotten down to covering even the petty crap.
    Which there were more efficient Funcionarios throughout Spain who have reached the same level of competence.
    Vote her out. get a proper job.

  2. I have very fond memories of my grandfather playing with friends in the neighborhood while they all didn’t speak the same language it was a game they could all play because it was universal, the tapping and slapping of the tiles was the communication. @PM to signal someone to pass their hand you tap twice on the table, the slam down of the tile is a non verbal cue of saying “ah ha beat that”. Being a boring game is subjective to the person,there are many who find futbol boring.
    I am troubled that this is an issue for the mayor. I’m sure there are more troubling issues that need to be addressed.

  3. Things are going too well! How can I destroy things a little bit. This is as pathetic as other places banning chairs and tables from the pavements.

    Closing times too… Ring a last order’s bell maybe (outside the mayor’s house!!)


  4. What an idiotic Mayor, clearly this will drive away tourists who can instead stay in an old peoples home with less draconian idiotic noise laws.

    This woman will clearly damage the local economy and will cost those people with holiday lets, restaraunts, bars in fact any business interests in the short and long term.

    Sit on your hands passivly people to this nutty mayor and the consequences will be breathtaking.

    Long live Queeen Victoria

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