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Amy stepdad arrested for murder

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THE stepfather of missing Amy Fitzpatrick has told police he stabbed his stepson to death because he felt his own life was in danger.

Dave Mahon, 42, was arrested on Sunday after presenting himself at the local police station following the fatal stabbing of 23-year-old Dean Fitzpatrick in Dublin.

Dean – the brother of the La Cala resident Amy who mysteriously went missing aged 15 in 2008 – was taken to hospital but pronounced dead a short time later.

According to Olive Press sources, Mahon had apparently arranged to meet Dean and his girlfriend earlier that evening.

“It was there that they got into a row and a fight broke out,” said the source.

“It came after a few days of tension between them and various threats.”

Mahon was initially released without charge the day after his arrest due to a lack of evidence.

But Mahon’s father Mike told the Irish press: “It shouldn’t have happened, you know.

“There was nothing done intentionally, but it happened,” he added.

“He doesn’t want to talk to anyone. The situation, it is a crazy situation. He is blanking everybody. That means he doesn’t talk to anybody.”

Irish police confirmed he is still a suspect and they are preparing a file for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). A knife has been discovered near the scene of the killing, close to the flat Mahon shares with Dean’s mother Audrey Fitzpatrick.

Meanwhile Dean’s girlfriend Sara, who has a two-year-old son with the victim, said: “The family and myself are grieving.

“It hasn’t hit me yet, it hasn’t sunk in. It is is a horrible time.”

Fitzpatrick’s aunt, Christine Kenny, who in 2011 worked closely with the Olive Press to investigate his sister’s disappearance, said: “He was a good kid. He couldn’t even talk about Amy, he just couldn’t talk about her.

“His dad and Dean were so close. He was living with his dad,”

Dean and Amy’s father Christopher Fitzpatrick, who had been with his son at a communion on the day of the incident said he was ‘shattered’ by his son’s death.

“We just want to get things to the end, what’s going on, what happened.

“Anyone with information, come forward straight away,” he added.

Mahon, a former Calahonda estate agent moved back to live in Ireland last year.

His movements have been erratic and only last month Mahon received a jail sentence for a dangerous drink-driving incident on New Year’s Day exactly five years after his stepdaughter went missing while walking home from a friend’s house.

As with his sister, Olive Press sources revealed that Dean had never been close to his stepfather and had moved out to live with a schoolfriend before moving back to Ireland.

The Olive Press also revealed that in the run up to her disappearance on New Year’s Day in 2008 Amy had been neglected by her parents and was not happy.

In April 2011 Fitzpatrick and Mahon offered a €1 million reward for the safe return of Amy but no new information was discovered.


  1. Blimey PM, doesn’t take you long to start steering the debate towards the family you love to hate, does it? You know the answer to your question; you’re simply obsessed.

  2. According to today’s paper she has forgiven him. So that’s all right then ! I think Olive Press was right. There is something very strange about this whole family set up.

  3. Having just read the articles in the star ( irish paper ) it sickened me to see the mother sitting with her sons killer.

    I could never forgive the man who killed a child of mine – no matter what .

  4. I’ve got a strong opinion about this whole case. Firstly, to “lose” a teenage daughter in Spain is one thing and terribly sad, but then for your partner to “accidently” kill your only other child back home in Ireland is another. To forgive him for that deed overnight is extremely strange behaviour to my mind?

    Latest news is she and her partner arranged funeral without consent of other family members, most importantly Dean’s biological father, Christopher. This is outrageous.

    Wow, if I was she, and thank God I’m not, how can she EVEN BEAR to be spending these days in the apartment her son was killed in ….? It is inconceivable???

  5. its about morals or lack of them . the only people who have behaved with dignity is the blood fathers family . I cannot belive the father has to go to high court to resolve a matter of his sons funeral because the mother speak to him .

    next she will be asking dave mahon to carry the coffin ….

    You are a disgrace to mothers everywhere Audrey Fitzpatrick a downright disgrace ….

  6. A very correct decision from Justice Kearns in Dublin High Court today.

    At last Amy and Dean’s Dad, Christopher, gets a say, but sadly too late in the lives of both of his children, Amy and Dean.

    Their mother should be very ashamed of her choices in life that lead to inadequate supervision of her daughter and her son’s obvious and understandable trauma as a result.

    My deepest sympathy to Christopher, Christine and their family and to Dean’s own family. RIP Dean

  7. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I live near where Amy went missing, and find it hard to believe she just vanished into thin air. Now her brother is dead – Mr Mahon has never been too far away in both instances, and yes I agree with the poster who says Audrey is a disgrace to mother’s everywhere. No doubt too fond of the old booze to give a damn about the welfare of her own children. And now she forgives the man who kills her last remaining child? I’m disgusted. It’s a pity she can’t be charged with neglect.

  8. Unreal – the mother of Amy and Dean failed to make it to her only son’s funeral after collapsing with panic attack! Yet she’s photographed a few hours after the funeral is over, by the Independent newspaper, waiting for a taxi with Dave Mahon dressed like they were going out for the day! Have they no shame ….?

    She no more looked like she was receiving urgent medical treatment that morning!

    Maybe she was told to stay away from the funeral ….

  9. Keep digging Olive Press. The truth is out there. You got very close last time. This might be the real thing. Amy deserves justice, as do all other missing children.

  10. Of course the paternal family wouldnt have banned her from the funeral ! she didnt want to go. Probably if donations where offered she would have turned up they must have a few bar bills in Ireland to pay by now !!!!

  11. Take a look at the “grieving” “mother” attending her son’s grave for first time!


  12. Rumour has it that Mahon was seen ripping up photos of Audrey’s kids and throwing them over the balcony the day dean was killed. The Gardai need to interview the neighbours that live around them.

  13. In this case yes Tony. He was seen by a few people. Why would he do that. There would be very few precious pictures of Amy as it is so why would he tear them up. What was the reason behind it. According to the papers he rang dean to come over to the apartment. Why? And who were to other 2 people in the apartment. Where did they go when Dave went to his dads?

  14. Ger, let´s get one thing straight. You said it was a “rumour” but now you seem to be suggesting that the rumour is, in fact, a fact.

    So which is it, rumour or fact?

    If it is the latter, what are you going to do with this information?

  15. Tony what more do you want? Mahon was given a prison sentence already for another matter. If a second judge had not let him out on appeal dean would still be alive and well today.
    So now we know he is a criminal and alleged killer would you trust him to look after your children?
    As for the mother (Audrey) .. well her family have a lot to answer for allowing her to behave in the manner she is without treatment.
    We have laws but to get justice is a different matter.

  16. It is beyond belief that the “mother” of this boy would forgive her son’s killer so quickly, without forensic results and coroner’s report etc. and especially the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision. But above all, it is abhorrent to think she didn’t attend her only son’s funeral, but was out and about in the sunshine with the person who caused his death later that day. It can only beg the question – does he have some sort of hold over her? Or is she just cold blooded?

    The whole story is very strange and their credibility regarding the campaign for Amy is certainly in question now!

  17. everything seems to have gone quiet about this now, does anyone know when the irish police will be investigating mahon for the death of dean … and are the spanish police investigating him in regards to amy going missing …??

  18. Looks like there is more to it than we thought and not just the self admitted killer as others have since been arrested.
    I am sure building a solid case takes time even when the killer admitted the bad deed in the first place.

    My mind keeps roaming back to serial killers and the fact Ireland has so few of them the garda might not have an open mind in that respect.

    If he is charged and convicted of murder will she still support him? will her family?

  19. Dean and Amy’s mother and Mahon have been selling their “story” to a few newspapers in Ireland recently. As usual about how much money they’ve lost, but also about the events of the night Dean died. I’m amazed the newspapers were allowed publish them at all, seeing as it is an ongoing investigation?! Also, Mahon says the knife was put away in his pocket after Dean threatened him with it and then Dean lunged at him, incurring a stab would – a total accident. You’d have to be a contortionist to manage that to my mind!

  20. well, Audrey didn’t even bother to attend the inquest! Only Deans Father and Aunt were there. I hope they get that Mahon soon and they should ban Audrey from being around Children!
    JM, i think she will stick by him no matter what. The woman needs shaking!Who else has been arrested and do you mean in Spain?
    Goldstar, where can i find the stories that they have sold about the incident with dean?
    Shame on them both

  21. No updates just yet they still ramble around pub to pub without a care in the world.
    Why would he care its not his son he killed it remains to be seen if justice will be done as it should be.
    Its shocking to think Christopher (Amy and Deans dad) is made wait so long for justice while the killer enjoys nightly pissups.
    Shame on those who sit with them in the pubs….I don’t agree with the system of letting known killers free while they wait for a court dates it needs to change.

  22. What goes around, comes around – it will all come out in the end! I’d say, it’s only a matter of time before these two get what’s coming to them … and actually the painful wait-and-see is a nice little punishment for them, as a starter ….! She’s a sick person to have forgiven a man who killed her son – unbelievable! Am very interested about the mobile phone issue – could be their downfall, hopefully and rightly so!

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