29 May, 2013 @ 16:17
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Expat pensioner mugged in Marbella

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A PENSIONER has been left traumatised following a brutal mugging in Marbella.

Elizabeth Rostron, 60, was walking to meet her husband in Elviria when her diamond necklace was snatched from her neck.

The expat, who has lived in the Marbella area for 12 years, had been waiting in the cafe at the MBC Business Centre when she noticed a scruffily dressed man watching her.

This character then left the building hurriedly, but another strange man came into the cafe and sat near the pensioner.

Feeling uncomfortable, Rostron decided to leave to meet her husband who was returning from the nearby doctor’s surgery.

But as she walked away from the cafe, another man suddenly appeared and lunged at the woman’s throat, snatching the 1.2 carat diamond necklace from her neck.

Rostron screamed, but the man ran off while the pensioner was looked after by passers-by who saw she was in distress.

“I was completely hysterical,” she said. “It was a terrifying experience and not the sort of thing you expect in Elviria.

“I’m usually so cautious when I’m out and about and don’t have my purse or any jewellery on show, but I feel so safe in this area as it’s so lovely and quiet”

Rostron believes that the three men had been working together as part of a gang and later discovered that there had been a heavy police presence in the area due to reports of individuals acting suspiciously.

“I thought I knew about every scam out there, but I guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” she added.

The pensioner said that the necklace is worth about €3,000 and is uninsured, but it’s not the monetary value that she really cares about.

“The necklace is of priceless sentimental value,” she explained. “My husband gave me the diamond as an anniversary present; it’s the sort of thing you can simply never replace.

“Although I don’t want to scare people or discourage them from visiting this lovely area, but it just shows that you really need to be on your guard all the time.”


  1. @Harry, my god you live in New York and yet don’t even know what constitutes a brutal crime! In this case, it was an opportunistic theft, akin to snatching a phone or purse from someone. A brutal crime would have been smashing the person over the head with a baseball bat and then stealing their jewellery. Which of course must be a daily occurence in NY. Wise up, Harry.

  2. This lady was only 60 years old ,yet the constant refering to her as a pensioner manages to convey that she was really old ans dodery,it is so irititating when you refer to peoples ages and say grandmother or pensioner as if they are on their last legs

  3. @Elizabeth, I’m sorry to hear about your experience in Elviria, however please go on to Google and type in: “costa del sol brutal attack” and read the headlines shown there. Is your experience comparable? Let me just tell you the first three headlines that I see:

    “British tourist, 31, brutally gang-raped metres from Spanish holiday resort…”

    “Teenage football ref loses spleen after brutal attack by police officer in front of his parents…”

    “Disabled teen brutally attacked over mobile in La Linea…. kicked and beat … burned his arm and face with a lighter … pierced his ear with scissors”

    These are all recent examples of brutal attacks in Spain, and that is the only distinction I wish to make with your own experience. In my opinion, your attack was not brutal, but that’s just my personal opinion you appreciate.

    @Harry, does adding “dy” to the end of my name make your argument look even less ridiculous than it was to begin with? I think NYC is the last place on earth I’d like to live in.

  4. Hi Harry, you know it was no effort at all doing that Google search, I can find some for you as well if you want – there are a lot more results for NY though lol.

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