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Concerns arise after another assault of a woman in Batan neighbourhood (Madrid)

A WOMAN was assaulted and robbed of her purse and wallet in Batan (Madrid) on Wednesday night (May 24).  The incident took place only two...

Thieves caught on camera in Spain’s Málaga using ‘lion killer’ choking method to steal from female victim

A HOTEL security camera in Málaga has captured a violent robbery attempt where the attacker left his female victim temporarily unconscious by strangling her.  The...

Gang of 15 youths violently attack man in Mallorca street to steal just €10 and a mobile phone

A man was beaten and robbed in Palma by fifteen youths for €10 and a mobile phone Police are investigating the attack in Palma after...

Cowardly thieves mug Belgian woman, 82, on a Costa Blanca street in Spain to steal her handbag

AN 82-year-old Belgian woman was mugged in a Calpe street when two men stole her handbag. The duo have been arrested by the Guardia Civil...

British expat in Benidorm assaulted and robbed at entrance to his Costa Blanca home in Spain

BENIDORM police have arrested a robber who attacked a British resident and stole his bank cards and an expensive watch. The 32-year-old Romanian assailant then...

Couple jailed and banned from Spain after stealing €25,000 worth of jewellery

A couple have been jailed and banned from Spain after they stole €25,000 worth of jewellery in a two day mugging spree. They targeted...

KNIFEPOINT MUGGING: Robber arrested in Spain’s Castellon for assaulting passer-by and threatening to kill police officers

A MAN has been arrested in Castellon city for mugging a passer-by at knifepoint in broad daylight and then threatening to kill the police...

EXCLUSIVE: Mallorca mugger breaks leg after fleeing from Santa Catalina robbery

Robber mugs jogger before falling down stairs and screaming in agony

British tourist hospitalised after violent mugging in Malaga

A British woman has been assaulted and mugged in Malaga, resulting in major head injuries

Security couple mugged within a day of touching down in Spain

Thieves struck while holidaying couple were relaxing in hotel grounds

Expat pensioner mugged in Marbella

The woman was targeted by a gang of robbers who made off with her diamond necklace

Mugger who used Yorkshire terrier to scare victims arrested in Spain

A man has been arrested in Almeria after commiting a string of violent attacks with his pet dog

Harry Redknapp mugged in Madrid

Spurs boss gets pocket picked while on Madrid scouting mission




Spanish priest is removed from his Costa Blanca parish for calling Pope Francis a ‘heretic’

THE bishop of the Orihuela-Alicante diocese has suspended San Isidro's parish priest for branding Pope Francis a 'heretic'. Bishop Jose Ignacio Munilla took the tough...


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