A couple have been jailed and banned from Spain after they stole €25,000 worth of jewellery in a two day mugging spree.

They targeted wealthy passersby and netted expensive jewellery, including several Rolex watches, by assaulting people in the streets of Mallorca.

The robberies took place over two days, between February 18 – 20, in multiple locations in the city.

In Sa Pobla, the pair from Romania assaulted a woman and took away her gold bracelet; In Palma, they tricked multiple people into revealing their Rolex watches, before grabbing them off their wrists. 

Of the Rolexes stolen, three were later valued at €1,200, €4,800, and €17,000.

Helpful Thief
The man has been given over five years in prison and the woman banned from Spain.

Immediately after the robberies, the thieves tried to flee the country but were arrested at Palma airport, where they were found wearing the stolen goods.

The defendants were sentenced on Wednesday, with the man receiving five years and two months in prison and the woman being banned from Spain for five years. 

All the stolen jewellery was returned to the owners.

Violent muggings targeting wealthy foreigners has been a long-standing problem in mallorca.

Recently six Italians were arrested accused of being part of the ‘Rolex Gang’ after a German couple was robbed.

The man was grabbed from behind and a €75,000 Patek Phillipe watch snatched from his wrist.The arrested men are thought to be part of an Italian network that operates in Palma, Ibiza and Marbella.


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