A THIEF received ‘instant justice’ after badly breaking his leg and smashing his face up while fleeing a robbery on Palma’s Paseo Maritimo.

PASEO PLUMMET: Mugger takes tumble

The con fell down a flight of steps leading to the marina having just robbed a British jogger in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood.

“He’d obviously robbed her and fallen down the stairs as he ran off,” British expat Jo Lucas, 49, told the Olive Press.

The eagle-eyed reader, who was with her husband John, 53, continued: “We saw this man running then heard a lot of shouting and screaming so we went over and saw the guy laying on the ground with his leg all over the place and his face all smashed.

“This lady was running down the stairs after him, shouting at him in English to give all her stuff back.”

Despite his predicament and a small crowd gathering, the man – described as ‘about 23 and Eastern European’ – was still reluctant to return the woman’s purse and phone.

“There was about three of us by then telling him to give the woman her stuff back and he soon realised he couldn’t go anywhere or get out of it, so he gave the things back.”

One man at the scene called an ambulance, while Lucas, who now lives in Santa Catalina, flagged down two police officers on motorbikes who happened to be passing by.

Having got her things back, however, the jogger did not want to press charges.

“It’s a shame he didn’t get prosecuted”, Mrs Lucas said. “But he really got his justice in other ways”.

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