A HOTEL security camera in Málaga has captured a violent robbery attempt where the attacker left his female victim temporarily unconscious by strangling her. 

The video footage shows the 30-second attack in a narrow alleyway in the centre of the city. The would-be thief is seen squeezing his victim’s neck in the crook of his arm to cut off the blood supply to her brain. She falls unconscious to the floor while the aggressor and a female accomplice then turn their attention to her belongings. 

Fortunately, the attempted theft is interrupted by the arrival of employees from another hotel, and the woman soon regains consciousness and springs back up onto her feet, even trying to follow the thieves. 

Video footage of the shocking robbery attempt.

The incident took place on Saturday, and is being investigated by Spain’s National Police. The victim was a tourist visiting the city. 

The method used by the assailants is known in Spanish as the ‘mataleón’, or ‘lion killer’, and is a widespread and very dangerous method given that it puts the life of the victim at risk. 

In April, two arrests were made in Málaga of suspects thought to have been using the same method to steal from victims, according to online daily Vozpopulí.

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