THE father of Amy Fitzpatrick believes his son was about to share new information on her disappearance before he was stabbed to death.

Christopher Fitzpatrick, 47, has revealed that Dean, 23, opened up to him about his sister in the days leading up to his death.

“The last couple of days he was confiding in me quite a lot about Amy,” said Fitzpatrick.

amy-fitzpatrick“Before that he never said much but he was coming around and talking a lot more about it.

“He was loosening up in the last week and a half,” he added.

Dean’s stepdad, Dave Mahon, has admitted the stabbing but denies it was murder.

Mahon, 42, was arrested last week after presenting himself at a local police station in Dublin.

The former Calahonda estate agent told police the killing was an accident and he was acting in self-defence.

Fitzpatrick’s aunt, Christine Kenny, who in 2011 worked closely with the Olive Press to investigate his sister’s disappearance, said: “All we want is Dean’s body to be released but we have to go by the law and whatever the police have to do, they have to do it.

“They’re doing a fantastic job. They’re not going to leave any stone unturned.”

“We believe that Dean’s death might now bring about some new information about Amy,” she added.


  1. The irish paper is even more explicit “It has emerged the 23-year-old was planning to go to gardai with vital information which he hoped would nail Amy’s killer.” KILLER ? ? ? Who says she is dead ?

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