29 Jun, 2013 @ 08:30
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Mojacar’s dry beach

mojacar mayor

MOJACAR’S infamously strict mayor has started sending police on the beach to confiscate alcohol.

It comes after right wing PP mayor, Rosa Maria Cano, became internationally famous after calling for a ban on playing dominoes last month, insisting the game was ‘too noisy’.

Now, locals and tourists are being forced to have their bags and cool-boxes searched after Cano announced a zero-tolerance approach to drinking on the beach.

The mayor, who has already carved a reputation for herself, has also prohibited taking any beverages purchased from a chiringuito on to the sand.

Tourists spoke of their shock after watching four local police officers search the belongings of families and couples.

Maria Gonzalez, who had driven down from Murcia for the weekend, said she would ‘never come back’ to the town following her treatment from the police.

One local expat, who watched the commotion, said the police spent half an hour on the beach before disposing of any alcoholic drinks discovered.


  1. Our once Bohemian town has turned into a Bourgeois cash-milking resort, a sort of poor-man’s Butlin’s. What used to be known as ‘Sin City’ has been turned into ‘City, Sin’. Mojácar is now well over 60% composed of ‘forasteros’, yet for political purposes, the town is run entirely by the locally-born, whose mantra appears to be ‘sell, rent or demolish’.
    Perhaps one day those same ‘forasteros’ will unite and insist on participating in their community: integrating and taking charge. It would be worth it.

  2. Lenox, “forasteros” like your Ciudadanos Europeos leader, who been missing for over TWO YEARS after been elected?…..But I guess that’s not important for you….

  3. Hi Jon – I wouldn’t do it justice. Mick, back to the planning board, eh? Still, we need to keep up the pressure, or become (continue to be) second class citizens.

  4. It’s a pity the police stop wasting their time with this ridicules searching mar larky and spend it trying to stop dogs messing on the beach and fine the owners who take there pets to the beach to Pugh, signs are on the beach saying X [ no ] to dogs

  5. I lived in Mojacar in 1986 when I was 19/20 and loved the town. It now looks like a sprawling metropolis! I had an article written about me in Mojacars local newspaper accompanied by some topless photographs an English newspaper photographer took of me on the beach ( I sang in a band and we opened a burger bar on the front opposite the beach, and I would love to get the relevant issue for a keepsake so wondered if anyone could help me find out;
    1) What was the paper called
    2) How would I go about getting a copy??

    Hopefully someone will remember !

  6. my guess is that the major is avoiding mojacar to become mallorca’s magalluf. I’m sure police pressure will relax as tourists national, international flock the beaches next july and august. can’t wait to get there in 22 days and I’ll make sure I drink my mojito at a chiringuito

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