1 Aug, 2013 @ 12:17
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Rajoy claims innocence

rajoy thursday

SPAIN’S Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy spoke in parliament today, defending himself against allegations of illegal payments.

Over the past weeks, he has avoided directly addressing rumours linking him to the financial misbehaviour of former PP party treasurer Luis Barcenas.

Today, however, he firmly denied any connection with the scandal.

In a session that began with a minute’s silence for the victims of the train crash in Santiago de Compostela, Rajoy said his only mistake was ‘trusting the wrong person,’ and that he wants nothing more than to ‘stop the erosion of the Spanish image.’

He added: “Nothing in this matter has prevented me, nor will it prevent me from governing.”

The opposition leader was not appeased, reminding parliament that the Prime Minister had to be coerced into speaking.


  1. @stefanjo

    No! Rajoy sticks to a simple plan, say a lot without saying anything and if you are caught in a lie tell a bigger one. I hope the Spanish voters show exactly what they think of him come the next election. A minuscule improvement in the economy cannot wipe out corruption of this magnitude.

  2. Spanish politicians are always swirling around in the mire, it’s just the depth that varies and anyone who thinks anything will ever change are being rather naive. “El Intermedio”, La Sexta, gives a flavour of what the Spanish people think of them.

  3. I said he would cling on to power even though his grip is slowly slipping as we speak. Like Berlusconi, who in Europe is going to take this government seriously. These are not “bunga bunga” parties, these are ” bung yet another bung” parties!
    And he is not the only one in the Spanish hierarchy involved in dodgy deals. I wonder why the king’s daughter is really relocating with her family to Switzerland while the duke stays behind in Barcelona?

  4. Obvious response from Rajoy and as the policy of spain is take take take gimme gimme gimme mio mio mio with an automatic indulto at the end of any scandle the reale thing to note is the consistancy of all that can apall to a straight thinking person that knows something of democracy and ideals, just ask Segundo Murray what he thinks about his kidnapping and the response of the Spanish Constitutional Courts answer for the minisiters involved, or look at the chief of the Guardia Civil or any of the so called scandles, for ever and ever its just their lifestile!

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