WE have worked incredibly hard over the last two years to make sure that the Olive Press is not just seen as a printed newspaper.

By ensuring original content goes up daily onto our website www.theolivepress.es and by reflecting and reacting to big events – we have become THE key local news website for many expats around Spain.

Whether this means being the first English site to post a video of the Galicia train crash, the only site to update the current Gibraltar situation on the hour, or just posting a quirky off-beat blogging post, we are proud of our endeavours.

It is already getting us over 250,000 visitors a month and it is great news that our hard work has just been recognised in an awards ceremony for global expat sites.

To beat The Telegraph’s popular and frequently updated site to silver and to see Sur in English and the EuroWeekly News miles out of the medals table is a real honour.

Next year we are aiming for gold!


  1. Stefanjo,
    sadly there is a lot of humanity who have no real life and only ‘live’ through these celebrities, real or imagined. To see the ecstatic reaction of Real Madrid’s fans to Gareth Bale’s arrival was one such example – man kicks football around, pay = €350,000 per week and many of those who were cheering don’t have any work – bread and circuses – nothing changes.

  2. Congratulations Olive Press. This award should be a headline, not an opinion. A quarter of a million hits per month is a hell of a lot of hits and you should be proud of yourselves. Keep up the good work.

    And from me, as well as from the many other British Gibraltarians who find in the Olive Press a way to counteract the malicious lies and slander being poured from most Spanish media about Gibraltar and its people, and always with the utmost respect- a very BIG thank you guys!

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