6 Sep, 2013 @ 17:31
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First woman president of Junta de Andalucia

Susana diaz

SUSANA Diaz has become president of the Junta after José Antonio Griñán resigned this summer.

The 39-year-old makes history as the first woman president.

Both her party, the socialist PSOE, and their coalition partners left-wing Izquierda Unida (IU), were supporting Diaz and her call to fight corruption from the beginning.

José Antonio Griñán resignation came at the time the ERE scandal threatened to ruin his career. Although not formally accused, he is being questioned about his part in the 140million fraud case.

The new president promised to maintain Griñán’s idea of a government open to the people and promised to allow opposition groups to question and analyse her progress in special parliamentary debates every six months.


  1. “The new president promised to maintain Griñán’s idea of a government open to the people…..”

    Perhaps she could start by making her position subject to election.

  2. Perhaps she could make a start to improving the appalling animal welfare standards in Spain, which are still back in medieval times.

    They still hang hunting dogs when they don’t want them anymore – “It’s tradition” they say – I think barbaric is more appropriate……………

  3. Yes, lets hope she makes some very needed changes to Animal Welfare in Spain, right now it’s appalling and absolutely tragic…maybe she will consider the benefits to tourism if she sorts this horrendous problem out, Brits don’t appreciate cruelty to animals!

  4. First two priorities – the quarter of a million urban investors in Spain who have been defrauded by illegal planning consents from Town Halls and/or Junta de Andalucia maladministrations.

    Appalling cruelty and abandonment of animals in the region.
    Let the new president recommend serious ‘heritage’ funding transferred to the many hundreds of foreign investors who have taken on the care of these damaged animals. Animals are part of Spain’s living heritage. They suffer. Old stones can wait.

  5. It’s nice thinking about the dogs and cats and bulls and tortoises but there are decidedly more pressing problems in Andalucía than feral cats and rail-thin greyhounds.
    The unemployment rate here is irreparable. At 40 per cent, it can’t be fixed. It’s at the same rate as the Gaza Strip. That’s people without work or food or the chance for a pension. The ‘illegal housing’ – 300,000 homes the Junta de Andalucía and its massive and overblown workforce never noticed until the cheques had cleared, dooming this region to further misery and unemployment. The massive corruption here which is destroying a region of eight million inhabitants,
    And ‘los ingleses’ want to talk about the doggies! WTF!

  6. Mass unemployment is a problem. Illegal housing is a problem. Controlling the animal population and giving out good advice is also a task.
    ‘Thank you Lenox’ indeed. What heartless people.

  7. Hardly on the same level of importance Trevor. You might as well add fly-tipping, cars without ITV and people with loose-fitting dentures.
    I think that the strange British attraction to helping dogs over helping people (where there is no embarrassment about a lack of language or culture) makes us look rather silly. Do we join and integrate or become a figure of fun for the Spanish neighbours?

  8. I’m the first Christine in this discussion; not the one two blogs above this text. I would endorse all comments on unemployment, homelessness and maladministration at any level. The above sentiments ‘go without saying’ – any normal person understands these problems even if they do not know how to rectify them ; how to advocate against corruption effectively or to vote effectively but at least humans can learn and have choices. The outrage on the animal front is because these poor creatures are helpless to defend themselves against humans. Next time you come across a hanged greyhound with its mouth jammed open with a stick to prevent it taking water whilst dying think again about who these silly foreign ‘figures of fun’ are who do the rescuing. Be grateful never to be a bred as a hunting dog in Spain with a sadist as your keeper!

  9. Indeed Christine A. Hard to know which is worse, the perpetrators of cruelty, or their apologists. The former could be understood in light of stupid “culture” pressures. The latter should know better and are merely sucking up to their stone-age neighbours.

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