SPANISH bloggers are joining together today to celebrate the day of the Andalucian gypsy.

They are offering giveaways, interviews and hosting guest posts on their sites from Susan Nadarthur, author of a book taking an alternative look at the lives of gypsies.

Nadarthur penned City of Sorrows after living with a group of gypsies in Sevilla. The story reflects her experiences, and is influenced by her own marriage to an Indian man.

The book is about an Indian immigrant´s relationship with a Spanish gypsy who is healed by Gandhi´s philosophies.

It has been praised for it´s balanced portrayal of Roma gypsy life, its insight into Indian culture, and how the two are intertwined.

City of Sorrows is available on Amazon at a discounted price today.

The participating blogs are, and


  1. It’s an excellent novel, with a fascinating into the Tres Mil Viviendas, the notorious housing estate in Seville. You haven’t got the blogs quite right: plus another one:

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