ACOMPALIA, the hospice services charity based in Granada province, has just launched its first calendar, designed to raise awareness and funds in 2014.

The calendar features scenes and detail from all over Granada province, from Marina del Este near Almunecar to sunset in the Sierra Nevada.

Acompalia committee member Alex Necas, who headed the calendar team with president Tina Emmott, says that the photos, created and donated by committee members, were chosen to reflect inspirational and also less familiar images of Granada province:

“We chose images to reflect the everyday beauty that is all around you if you are lucky enough to live here or spend time in the province,” said Alex. “For example, a bunch of scarlet peppers drying against a whitewashed wall under a deep blue autumn sky – it’s such a common sight, but lifts my spirits every time.”

Tis the season for charity calendars…read more here.

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