MERCADONA has launched a limited edition Andalucian olive oil.

It will produce 400,000 bottles, 50,000 more than the last run of limited edition oil which it sold in 2011.

The oil was produced using 2.5 million olives from Andalucia which were harvested in October and November.

It is made from three different olive varieties, the arbequina, manzanilla and hojiblanca, and has been described as a young, fresh and balanced olive oil.

It will be available from December 5 in Mercadona stores across the region.

This year to date the shop has sold more than 90,000 tonnes of its own-brand olive oil, which was produced by 130 cooperatives across Andalucia, Madrid and Extremadura.

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  1. A “Limited Edition” at 400,000 bottles?! Frankly if a car maker tried to sell a “limited edition” of 400,000 cars, he’d be laughed off this planet… same as true with wine, champagne, jewelry, electronic gadgets, ex wives, etc.
    Such items are worth about ,20 euros above common price/L.

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