IT will come as the perfect Reyes present for thrill-seekers around Andalucia.

El Chorro gorge’s infamous Caminito del Rey is to finally get its long-awaited makeover.

The walkway, that clings spectacularly above a 400 foot drop, is to have €3.2 million spent repairing it in preparation to open it to the public in 2015.

The project was announced in the official BOP on December 31 after being signed off by regional boss Elias Bendodo just before Christmas.

After three years of wranglings, some €2.3million will be spent reinforcing it this year, with the rest being invested in 2015.

The path, which has led to the deaths of dozens of people over the last few decades, is expected to become a key tourism draw for the region.

It was originally built to aid construction workers get materials to build the dam across the Guadalhorce river.


  1. Brilliant. Genius. And so cheap.
    The coachloads of tourists coming to walk this deathtrap, will probably need more roads, more carparks, more facilities, maybe a museum, probably a new airport.
    And all so a handful of people can risk their necks walking a workmans path.
    Not wanting to be a boat-rocker, i’ll be expecting my €500K cheque for being the official international promoter. (for work i’ve already done, by reading this article)

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