ANDALUCIA is the worst region in Spain for tax dodging, according to a report on the Spanish black market.

A total 29.2% of the region’s money is earned tax-free, five percentage points above the national average.

The report, carried out by Professor Jordi Sarda of Universitat Rovira i Virgil, showed yesterday the country had the worst black market in western Europe.

Almería is the most corrupt town, and the black market here is worth 33.5% of its GDP. This is followed by Granada (32.1%) and Cordoba (30.6%).

The best ratios are in Huelva (26.4% ), Sevilla (27%) and Malaga (28.6%).


  1. Netplasm: This puzzles me also. Similar postulations are made about the illegal drugs trade. We are often told that so many tons of drugs are consumed at so much value. How, really, can anyone know how accurate figures like this can be? Are there any super-statisticians out there, (maybe Prof. Jordi Sarda) who can explain such precise measures?

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