DEMONSTRATORS are due to gather outside the Spanish embassy in Paris today to protest against proposed changes to Spain’s abortion law.

The March of the Women follows a protest earlier in the week in Brussels.

Organisers said a crowd of over 2,000 gathered to voice their anger at the new measures, which will outlaw abortion except in certain cases where a woman’s health is at risk.

One demonstrator said: “This law doesn’t respect the minimum rights that other laws in Europe do. This law treats women like we are minors,”

“What we are asking the Spanish government today is to review the bill that it intends to make law to ensure the right to abortion isn’t restricted as it is in the proposal.”

The protesters marched from the embassy to the European Parliament in an attempt to get Spanish MEPs to put pressure on their government. The march attracted activists from beyond Spain.

It’s not clear when the new law will be put before parliament where Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party has an absolute majority.


  1. I saw a great article called “Why God Supports a Woman’s Right to Abortion”. Here is an excerpt which I think really makes a great point! “Please understand that until a baby is born and takes its first breath, a baby’s body has no Soul. Therefore, no woman should ever feel guilt over an abortion nor should any woman be prevented from having an abortion by religious people who have lost their Minds.”

  2. Along with the harassment of Gibraltar, this is another attempt by the P.P. to divert attention from their own villainy. People who don’t give a toss about suicides starvation and despair, don’t REALLY care about unborn babies. As for the God-botherers, they just require more recruits, the more ignorant and desperate, the better.

  3. I do not have a problem with abortion per se. What I find unforgivable is that in the UK and other countries it is used as an alternative to birth control . this is not acceptable, either morally or indeed financially.

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