A FREIGHT train carrying 18 tanks of ammonia was derailed by a landslide near Huelva early this morning.

The accident was 4km from the town of La Nava at 3:40am, but only the first two ammonia wagons, each carrying 40 tonnes, came off the track.

Firefighters were able to control the leak from the first tank and authorities claim there is no danger to the public.

The two drivers of the train, which was on its way to Madrid and then Portugal, were bruised but not seriously injured.

The track will remain closed until the accident has been cleared, the ammonia transferred and the landslide assessed.

The fire service, Guardia Civil, the Emergency Andalucia Group (GREA) and emergency technicians have all been working to clear the danger.

Ammonia is a strong, colourless gas that can be poisonous if swallowed or by touching products containing large amounts.


    First Responders ask federal administrations to consider adding secondary containment to rail tank cars used to transport chlorine gas, providing lifesaving safety to First Responders and the public they serve. See First Responders Comments at PETITION C KIT.

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