THE HEAD of the Andalucian Energy Agency has been forced to resign, following allegations he illegally connected his house to water and electricity supplies.

Luciano Gonzalez Garcia, whose home is also allegedly built without permits, was accused by the Public Prosector of exploiting his industry connections to force the supply of illegal utilities to his home.

The house, in Yunquero, Malaga, has been pronounced an illegal build by the town hall.

Before the shock resignation Gonzalez Garcia was widely praised for the Law for Sustainable Construction (Impulso a la Construccion Sostenible), which he masterminded.

Gonzalez’s friend and colleague, Jose Sanchez Maldonado – the Andalucian Minister for Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment – announced the resignation.

Sanchez Maldonado was embroiled in the scandal after insisting: “I refuse to ask any friend of mine to show me their utility bill.”

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  1. Micky Nesmith – And The hits Just Keep on Coming – brilliant LP – much more interesting that the same old same old – where is the Rev. Derek caca yaya when you need him – it’s always sunny in the whole of Spain and everything is lovely – right, we got that.

  2. Fred & Stew,

    Most politicians World wide have a tendency to be involved in corrupt activities somewhere along the line, even back in good ol’ UK. One only has to read the UK press to see this but eventually they are caught and turfed out.

  3. Negative publicity happened with the King, then Son In Law/Daughter, Prime Minister… then way down to …
    who knows?!
    Is The DogCatcher legit or what?? Who can you trust? And with all the questions about property buys, you expect more?

  4. This one is a classic. Even for Spain. The Head Honcho of the Energy Agency has his illegal house illegally connected to water and power utilities? And does similar for his mates?
    The hubris! The Blinkered Ones will again seek justification by pointing to corruption elsewhere. But own up, this is beyond corruption. It’s taking the p***.

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