THE new royal nanny looking after Prince George – William and Kate’s son – is on a Spanish town hall’s ‘name and shame’ list for failing to pay tax.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, 43, has been appointed to keep Great Britain’s royal prince in check but it appears she was far from perfect when living in her native Spain.

Palencia town hall, in northern Spain, lists her as failing to pay tax for two years between May 2007 and July 2008. She has since settled the debts but her name remains on the list.

The revelations in the Daily Mirror are bound to cause embarrassment for Miss Borrallo, who only started work a few weeks ago following an intensive and lengthy interview process.

She was placed on the register – the Official Provincial Gazette – after several failed attempts to make her pay the IBI tax, which is the Spanish equivalent of council tax.


  1. One would presume that UK vetting of such person for a critical post would have uncovered this before hiring. In any case, this “news” is more an indictment of slow Spanish legal documentation – if she paid back due taxes as stated after 14 months (not 2 years) in 2008, her name should have been removed from the List in 2008 when she paid the Taxes! This is 2014… about 6 years after payment was made.
    Meanwhile, what’s been happening to the “big fish” that swallowed the BIG money without prison terms & paying taxes?

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