EIGHT of the best jamon slicers in Spain will go head to head, (or knife to ham) in the fourth national ham cutting championships in Estepona this week.

The contest, organised by Estepona Town Hall and ham cutting entrepreneur Jose Maria Tellez ‘Popi’, will take place in Calle Real from April 5.

The contest has quickly grown to become one of the most important in Spain.

The eight finalists have been selected from over 80 applicants. The panel of judges, including last year’s winner Candido Murillo, will be looking among other things at the size and thickness of the slice.

They will also judge how clean the cut is and weigh up the creativity in the presentation of the jamon on the plate.

One key factor is the accuracy of how close the cut is to the required 100 grams for a ‘racion’ and also the style the jamon slicer has when serving the ham on the plate.

Estepona Town Hall’s Ana Velasco commented that the competition would use the prestigious Joselito ham from Guijuelo, near Salamanca.

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