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Spain’s Estepona hosts World Ham Contest featuring 200 ham cutters

ESTEPONA is currently home to the prestigious World Ham Contest, showcasing the talents of 200 skilled ham carvers from around the world. Running until tomorrow,...

Bonares to host grand finale of the Spanish Ham Cutters’ Championship

SPECIALIST ham cutters from all over Spain will demonstrate their Iberian ham cutting skills this weekend (March 4-5) in Bonares, Huelva. Eight of the best...

Spanish tourist banned from Australia over failing to declare jamon, cheese in luggage

A Spanish tourist in Australia barely had one leg in the country before he was sent back under beefed-up biosecurity laws over failing to...

Spain’s unique hams from the black Iberian pig

WITHOUT a doubt one of Spain’s genuine world-leading gourmet delights is Cerdo Iberico – the pork from the black Iberian Pig. What makes this...

Campillos in Spain’s Malaga celebrates its 14th edition Iberian Ham Fair

THE town of Campillos is all set to hold its annual ‘Feria del Jamon,’ a fair showcasing local ham products and other gastronomic delights. The...

Jamon Iberico for just €5 in World Ham Contest back in Estepona on Spain’s Costa del Sol after a...

ESTEPONA will once again play host to the ‘Popi’ World Ham Contest brings together jamon professionals and products from across Spain. The gastronomic event, which...

Police in Spain’s Malaga catch ‘Spiderman’ thief who can’t seem to get enough of jamon

The Policia Nacional have arrested a 52-year-old man twice within 48 hours for stealing premium jamon from a local market in Malaga. The man has...

WATCH: Madrid resident causes stir by curing meat from washing line and it’s the most Spanish thing you’ll see...

A RESIDENT in the Madrid neighbourhood of La Concepcion has become a local ‘cause celebre’ after attracting attention for choosing to hang hunks of...

‘TOTAL CONCERN’: Spain to China jamon and wine trade decimated by coronavirus that has killed 360 people

Spanish wine exports to China totalled 61.2 million litres in 2018, worth €144 million, while the country is Spain’s fifth largest wine market

SLICE IS RIGHT: Experts reveal the best-tasting jamon you can buy from Spain’s supermarkets – from as little as...

Experts have tested the DNA makeup of each meat product before running a taste trial, judging on aroma, flavour, texture, colour and saltiness

Officials ‘hopeful’ China will not make imitation legs of jamón as country grants Spanish producers access for first time

SPANISH trade officials are hoping imitation Chinese legs of jamón will not scupper exports as China grants producers access to their 1.3 billion nation. Carlos...

HAMMING IT UP: Andalucia’s award-winning jamon stars at Oscars after-party

And of course, Hollywood's glitterati are to wash it down with another award-winning Andalucia product - 7.5 litres of Pedro Ximenez from Jerez

Why was Winnie the Pooh banned in Spain ahead of Chinese president’s state visit this week?

Police stopped a man dressed as the lovable children’s book character from appearing in front of Xi's motorcade as he went to receive the keys to the city

HAM HUNT: In search of the world’s best jamón in Spain’s Andalucia

The town of Jabugo is home to one of the oldest curing cellars of jamón, Spain's finest delicacy

A trip to a Jámon Producer

If you live in Andalucia you need to learn a few things in the first few years you are here. Where the best tapas...

90% of Spain’s exported jamon a ‘massive fraud’, claims leading German newspaper

A 2001 regulation allowed ham from Iberico pigs that had been cross-bred with American Duroc pigs to be labelled Iberico

Spanish ham sales boom in China as sales double in four years

Spain is now leading sales of dry-cured ham in the Asian powerhouse

WATCH: ‘America first, Spain second?’ Hilarious video message to US president Donald Trump

The clip attempts to 'appeal' to Trump by highlighting its racist history and insisting that the Spanish are 'definitely not Mexican'

Jamon fans cheated out of lower prices, claims Ciudadanos

Thousands of hams are being frozen each year

World’s most expensive jamon wins ‘Oscar’ for Huelva farmer

Eduardo Donato bags prestigious Biofach award

Iberico hams are becoming increasingly sought after worldwide

Spain's prized Iberico hams can’t cure fast enough for China

Bellota and serrano jamon carry no health risk, says Spanish expert

Dr Carlos Alberto Gonzalez was responding to October’s WHO report

Malaga jamon slicers carve up world record

Malaga jamon carvers hog limelight with new world record

Spain’s top jamon slicers will do battle in Estepona this weekend

The high-pressure contest will sort the best from the rest




OPINION: Tales of one-track scam artist Chris O’Hare’s cons are as old as the Costa del Sol itself

THE only thing surprising about the epic tale of Chris O’Hare’s constant scamming is that he got away with it for so long. What we...


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