The Policia Nacional have arrested a 52-year-old man twice within 48 hours for stealing premium jamon from a local market in Malaga.

The man has become infamous for his regular thieving, with at least six instances of robberies totalling €10,000 of stolen goods, according to police.

Officers in Malaga have even given him the nickname ‘the spider’ because of his method of breaking into the market at night by scaling the wall using a road sign.

The first arrest was made on Friday when the man was caught carrying away two stolen ‘jamones’.

He then repeated the action again only a day later, this time in collaboration with a woman who acted as a lookout.

However, he was reported to the Policia Nacional after his break-in was being spotted by a neighbour in the area at 1am.

The thief told police “I have not done anything tonight, I just got out of court, I did not break in today”

The woman who helped the thief was found carrying a bag usually given to suspected criminals by police to store their valuables before being locked away.

In the wake of increased break-ins to the market, police have been stepping up patrols of the area.


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