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Arctic threat to Spain’s beaches warns Greenpeace

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THE beaches of Spain could be underwater by the end of the century if global warming continues at its current rate.

In a hard-hitting report by Greenpeace, the environmental group shows how a large chunk of the country’s coastline would disappear as the sea would come half a kilometre inland.

All this will have happened by the end of the 21st century and, although few adults alive today are likely to see it, a baby born this year would be 86 by the time tourist hotspots such as Marbella and Benidorm have vanished under the waves.

And every time the sea-level rises by one centimetre as a result of global warming, a metre of beach disappears, Greenpeace reveals.

Their shocking report is titled Spain: Heading for extreme climate. Risks of not stopping global warming and the destruction of the Arctic.

Spain’s branch of Greenpeace, led by Pilar Marcos and Mario Rodríguez, have petitioned Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to avoid agreeing to any exploitation of the Arctic.

Rajoy’s government has already considered the business opportunities for fishing and transport that the North Pole could present.

The environmental charity wants the Arctic to be left as a ‘sanctuary’, with no drilling for oil or gas and no fishing.

There is not much time left to make decisions in this respect, Greenpeace warns. According to Marcos and Rodríguez, the Arctic is melting at twice the rate of the rest of the planet, and has lost enough ice in the last four years to cover mainland Spain three times over.

Giles Brown

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  1. This is senseless scaremongering by Greenpeace. They’re now supporting the ‘so called’ global warming lobby & can’t be trusted. Have they forgotten the scientists who became stuck in the ice in the Arctic last year & had to be rescued! This sort of publicity harms Spanish tourism and also the housing market.

  2. Jane: “Global warming” is a silly misnomer. The correct phrase is “climate change” To deny that, is to wear blinkers.
    Sure, the planet will probably see most of us out and if you have no kids or grandchildren, you can afford to blow a rasberry at the threat. The point Greenpeace make with these unwelcome pronouncements, is to draw attention to the necessity for action before it’s too late.
    Perish the thought of “Spanish tourism” suffering because some people tell it like it is.

  3. Jane Bowen, I completely agree with you, there is far too much scaremongering and junk science around and people have stopped listening. There is only one certainty and that is anything this lot predict will not happen in the way they say it will or in their predicted timescale. It is this crowd of halfwits that are backing the Junta de Andalucia and the program of house demolitions.

  4. I Agree with Jane with respect to Green Peace.

    Sea level is always going up or down, but this proces very slowly. In the last ten thousand years, sea level has risen more than a hundred meters, and it is a process that will continue until the arrival of the next ice age. Since that that moment, sea level will go back down slowly.

    Regarding the concern about climate change, formerly called global warming, I would like to provide the following information related to a Russian scientist named Halibullo Abdusamatov who, years ago, predicted that by 2014 a small Glacial Age was would initiate

  5. Thanks for your support Jane. Also for your information, Anselmo, about the Russian scientist Halibullo Abdusamatov who predicted that by 2014 (now) a small Glacial Age would begin!
    Stefano – 0f course I care about the future of our planet especially for my grandchildren. But I’m totally opposed to attempts to ‘change our climate’ by geo-engineering the weather. And although Spanish tourism is of lesser consideration, it’s still vital for Spanish economy and employment, albeit seasonal. Greenpeace’s Report is misleading & damaging.

  6. stefanjo,
    A few weeks ago my partner was having her weekly Skype session with an old friend when this friend brought up the Greenpeace issue – ” they are just a bunch of leftie troublemakers”. When I asked her where she got this ‘information’ from she said – the Daily Mail.

    So I asked her who was behind the Mail and what was their agenda, whose interests did they represent. She is not stupid woman but she had never questioned the motives for the relentless extreme right wing mindset that drives everything in the Mail.

    Did she know that the Mail only represents the interests of big business and anything that interferes with the profits of big business is hammered with lies and disinformation.

    Whilst living in Ortigeura we met a retired HM cartographer, to quote him “the biggest danger facing humanity is rising sea levels” – of course he was just a lefty troublemaker was’nt he? And let’s not forget all those scientists presenting their arguments with rock solid evidence – lefty troublemakers of course.

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