THE controversy surrounding the tiny hamlet named ‘Jew Killer’ sparked the curiosity of a global audience.

But names of towns and villages throughout Spain are symbolic, providing a tangible map of Spain’s turbulent, colourful past.

‘Judios’ is a common feature in place names across the country, along with ‘Moro’ – for Moor –  as each nationality and culture left its mark on the Spanish landscape.

Then there are the town names beginning with ‘Ben’ that were once Muslim fiefdoms and ‘Frontera’ – signifying towns along the old border of the Kingdom of Granada.

Some would argue that the village’s name shouldn’t be changed, insisting it is merely a part of Spain’s history and should be celebrated as such.

Others argue that the name change is just one more logical step in the history (and evolution) of the village, and of Spain.

However what is indisputable is that times have changed and some words are no longer acceptable.

So we should see this as a positive step and embrace Spain’s ever-evolving history.

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