A SPANISH zoo has insisted no gorilla suit was involved when one of its keepers was shot with a tranquiliser dart during an emergency drill.

Rumours that the keeper was wearing a gorilla suit when he was shot by a vet spread like wildfire after local media reported on the incident at Loro Parque on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

Reports offered the bizarre explanation that the keeper had been wearing a gorilla suit to make the drill more realistic, and that the vet mistook him for a real gorilla and shot him.

But a spokesperson for the zoo insisted: “The vet did not mean to hit the zookeeper and the zoo keeper was not pretending to be a gorilla.

“He was wearing his normal uniform and had just informed the vet that it was a practice drill. It was simply an accident.

“Someone obviously got the wrong end of the stick about how we carry out a practice drill but the truth is there was no gorilla suit involved,” she added.

Aside from sleeping a lot, the 35-year-old zookeeper has made a full recovery.


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