8 Aug, 2023 @ 11:15
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Bioparc in Spain’s Fuengirola celebrates arrival of eleven flamingo chicks

Breeding Flamingoes

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BIOPARC Fuengirola, a renowned conservation haven, has greeted the arrival of eleven adorable flamingo chicks, marking the first hatchlings of the year.

After incubating almost a dozen flamingo eggs for just over a month, the park is now home to these adorable new additions.

The process of courtship and nesting, which began a little later than usual this year, has resulted in the birth of these fluffy grey youngsters.

Some of the chicks are already exploring their surroundings, while others remain close to their parents under their protective feathers, as explained by the zoo in a press release.

The Zoology team’s dedicated work in preparing and maintaining the habitat has played a crucial role in this achievement.

Creating a simulated brackish wetland environment has provided the adult flamingos with the necessary materials to build their nests during the incubation period.

Hatching usually takes around 48 hours, during which the chicks peck their way out of the egg, which can be a tiring process for them.

Once out of the egg, the parents take on feeding responsibilities. They start by producing a protein-rich substance known as ‘crop milk,’ which they regurgitate for the chicks.

After which the parents switch to regurgitating their own food to feed the growing chicks.

The fledglings spend around three to four days, sometimes even up to a week, in the nest before they start to explore the flamingo colony.

As the chicks grow, they undergo changes in their feather and leg colours. These changes help experts determine their age and gender, with DNA analysis being the most accurate method.

Visitors to the Malaga conservation centre in the next few weeks will have the chance to see these young flamingos taking their first steps in the world, a heartwarming sight at Bioparc Fuengirola.


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