A ‘CORRUPT’ detective is to be investigated over claims he sabotaged the initial Stephen Lawrence murder investigation.

John Davidson, who now lives in Minorca, will be the focus of the major new investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The IPCC will examine claims that Davidson had a corrupt relationship with the gangster father of one of Stephen’s killers and deliberately stalled the inquiry.

In police intelligence reports, the former detective sergeant was described as having ‘no integrity as a police officer’ and being ‘open to offers from any source if financially viable’.

A damning official report has raised serious questions about his conduct in the days following Stephen’s murder.

Lawrence, an 18-year-old aspiring architect, was stabbed to death in a racist attack by a white gang in south-east London in April 1993.

Despite damning evidence, no convictions were made until 2012, when Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris, 35, were given life sentences.

It is now claimed that Davidson had a ‘corrupt connection’ with Clifford Norris, the gangster father of David Norris.

Davidson now runs a bar in Minorca and denies any attempt to sabotage the inquiry.

But it is unclear how police will question Davidson over the allegations, as he can only be extradited from his Spanish island if there is sufficient evidence to charge him.


  1. Stefanjo comment.
    Quite perfectly put, nothing to hide, nothing to worry about.
    I can`t know like the rest of the public what happened to Stv
    Lawrence, i can assume from the grief on his Parent`s faces that they will never come to terms with his death, i think if a Parent can lose a child it is probably beyond recovery, to lose a Child to murder and wait 19 years for a conviction, well i am glad it isn`t me.I hope in the Lawrence family parent`s lifetime they do get to see who murdered their poor Son.

    The poor Alleged corrupt Policeman, his main concern will be losing his Police, index linked Government funded by the tax payer, his pension, take it off him!If he is guilty!
    If guilty he can spend a few years taliking with old friends in prison.

  3. I have had a comment removed so to rephrase it.
    Stephen Lawrence did nothing but to stand at a bus stop and lose his life to i think racist attack.
    I said quite a lot more,i have time for the moderator but you should allow the earlier comment.

  4. Stef, trying to twist my words yet again. I did not say he is guilty. Let us assume he is innocent, if the police put together a strong case (and let us face it, innocent people have been put in prison for over 20 years many a time) and it is all over the papers like it is here, then he would not receive a fair trial in my mind. In his position I would not come back unless forced to. When I was younger I was in the forces, I was involved / witnessed an incident that gave me the above opinion. People have targets and instructions and they carry out those orders.

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