10 Jul, 2014 @ 17:48
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Leader of Podemos sues PP official over links to Castro and terrorist group ETA

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THE leader of new political party Podemos is suing a PP official for associating him with Basque terrorist group ETA.

Pablo Iglesias has also accused Esperanza Aguirre – head of the PP’s Madrid branch – of linking him to late Venezualan president Hugo Chave, and to Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

Agurrie said last week that Iglesias is ‘on the side of Castrism, Chavism and ETA’.

The comments were based on reports that a foundation that has connections to Podemos had accepted €3.7 million from Hugo Chaves.

Iglesias is also suing newspaper El Mundo, which reported that he was a trusted contact for Herrira, a support group for ETA convicts.

Podemos received the fourth highest number of votes of any Spanish political forces at the European elections in May – even though it had only been registered as a party three months before.

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  1. I have been following this guy seems man since he first entered the political playground and he already has them running scared. Over last few months both PP and PSOE have been dismissing him in pubic and it’s obvious they are generally scared.

    Spain really needs a political re haul and Iglesias could be the man to do, not saying he is the future but I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually one the election as he has already gain huge momentum in a short period of time, IMO I find his brand of open transparent politics refreshing an just what Spain needs

  2. @Mark, have you read his election manifesto? Do you agree with the whole Ibex35 to be statified? Or with companies being unable to fire people as long as they’re making a profil? (think about all the implications of this!) Do you support unconditional and unlimited credit by the ECB? His manifesto is filled with stuff like that.

    I don’t think he’s the solution for anything. I think he got a lot of votes because people wanted to issue a protest statement, as the European Elections are felt by Spaniards as something far away and with little implications at home. Even so Podemos could only achieve to be a minority party, I don’t think they’ll achieve much in a year in the national elections, which will be their only chance to gain some sort of power. As 4 years later in the next ones people’s discontent will likely be much lower after 4 years of growth.

    Said that, it’s not that I agree with PP or PSOE either (I support VOX and Ciutatans to some stent), but this guy I think would be a disaster for Spain.

  3. @adán i am aware of a lot of his manifesto but haven’t read it in full. Like every party there are things he says I agree with and disagree with. Spain IMO is terrible state politically at the moment with PP and PSOE not taking the country anywhere so there is room for change. I am saying that PODEMOS is the solution but they are shaking things up which is needed

  4. I meant to say ” I am not saying PODEMOS are the solution…”

    What a party needs to do in Spain is address things full on. corruption is a such a problem it is a way of life here. Small business that should be the life blood of the country are being forced out of business or to cheat the system just to stay afloat. as a small business owner here it is almost impossible to make money with the crazy labour laws, high social security, high taxes, stupid stealth laws/taxes and high stamp. A huge reform of the labour system would the first place to start making it affordable for small businesses to actually employ folk with out being bled dry. A cut in unemployment for those able to work rather then the huge payments people receive at the moment would help aid these changes

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