WITH the World Cup more than well and truly upon us, I finally decided to get into the spirit of the thing.

Although to be honest I’m more of a fan of the oval-shaped ball. I was once described as an ‘impact player’ by my rugby team manager, but what exact ‘impact’ I was apparently having, he wasn’t actually sure.

So to add a little spice to the whole proceedings, once England and Spain had fallen at the first hurdle, I decided to enjoy the football in a Hunter S. Thompson, ‘Gonzo’ journalist fashion.

I sipped champagne when France played, grabbed a few Heinekens when the Dutch took to the field and even enjoyed a caipirinha when the hosts Brazil showed off their silky skills.

And, in the same spirit, Colombia’s matches proved far too much fun round at mine!


All white on the night

I didn’t make the annual San Juan festivities this year. Living on the lake, there isn’t much incentive to have a muddy midnight paddle and, when you’ve lived the kind of lifestyle that I have, it will take more than leaping over a bonfire to purge me of my sins.

In fact I’d still be hurdling the flames now.

But what always makes me laugh is the religious aspect to San Juan. So you dress in white, go down to the water and leap over purifying flames. And then try and tell me that it’s not a pagan ceremony…

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