A VICTIM of terrorist group ETA could become the new leader of Spain’s opposition Socialists today.

Eduardo Madina – one of the two favourites in the election of the position – lost a leg in a car-bomb attack by the Basque militant group in 2002.

His competition for the role is Pedro Sanchez, 42, who was previously a professor of economics, before being elected to parliament in 2008.

Unusually, neither has any experience at cabinet level or as a regional leader, which is the usual background for party leadership.

Veteran party leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, 62, announced his resignation in June, following a dramatic electoral decline in recent years.

His resignation was the result of an unprecedented loss in the May European Elections, which prompted fears for next year’s general election result.

He now plans to return to his previous career as a university chemistry teacher.

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