A POPULAR nudist beach in Vera, Almeria, is under threat from a new law banning nakedness.

The law  sets fines between €100 and €300 for people who are naked or topless on the beach, which has been previously been permitted since 1979.

However, the local town hall has described the law – supported by the PP government – as a ‘mistake’, according to El Pais.

In July last year, the town of Vera set a new Guinness World Record for the largest collective skinny dip.

A joint project from the town hall and the Spanish Federation of Nudism, 729 people stripped off together and went for a dip.

Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, the deputy mayor, has claimed the error arose when they based their legislation ‘on ordinances from other municipalities’.

“I have issued orders to include an exception for the whole part of Vera beach that is nudist, including its streets and residential estates, where people go naked,” he said.

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