POLYPHENOL extracts from grapes are the latest ‘magic ingredient’ exciting the gourmet food world.

Madrid Michelin chef Mario Sandoval and celebrated Spanish winemaker Carlos Moro spent four years concocting Vinesenti, an innovative new line of grape extract products that will add oomph to any culinary creation.

Targeted at amateur cooks as well as pro chefs, the antioxidant-rich extracts – high in natural polyphenol compounds – add flavour, colour and zest to any dish, sweet or savoury, and can be used for baking bread and cakes as well as cooking fish, meat and game.

Already causing a stir in the fine dining firmament, Vinesenti comes in three varieties – Vineterra, extracted from red grapes, Vinubo from white grapes and Vinius, a soluble red grape extract.

For more information, visit www.vinesenti.com

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