MARBELLA Town Hall has launched a ground-breaking crackdown on drink-spiking.

Steps are now being taken to tackle the crime, after an Olive Press investigation exposed the serious failings in how attacks are policed.

The town hall’s foreigners department (SATE) has confirmed it is set to organise monthly meetings with local media and police to bring the problem out in the open.

It comes after we exposed, in our last issue, the deafening silence that has surrounded the crime of drink-spiking, with authorities around Andalucia all but denying it is a problem.

We discovered that police have no official records for the crime, while hospitals and town halls along the Costa del Sol – and in notorious party hotspot Magaluf – again had no idea of the severity of the problem.

We spoke to victims in Puerto Banus and investigated the security issues surrounding spiking.

Previously, Spain’s official police website failed to make a single reference to how to stay safe on a night out – but police in Madrid are now set to remedy this.

According to a spokesman for Marbella town hall, the National Police headquarters is investigating the issue more fully, at last.

“They have asked us to supply more information and give the sort of safety advice which we would like to see on its site,” said Nicole King, boss of new official town hall radio station Mi Marbella.

She is now working with the Olive Press to help improve safety for holidaymakers and this week met with Oti Fernandez – in charge of international residents at Marbella Town Hall – to discuss the problem.

“The meeting was extremely positive,” said King. “The town hall is very concerned about the extent of the problem, but also extremely grateful for the feedback.

“They really do see now that this is a problem that needs to be solved, which is the first step in making the changes.”

Spain’s nightlife became the subject of international media this month, after an 18-year-old British tourist was caught on video performing oral sex on 24 men in the middle of a Magaluf dance floor.

The girl herself reported after the event that her drink had been spiked.


  1. “…foreigner safety”

    This issue affects all nationalities, not just foreigners. The awareness needs to be created for everyone. Vetting of staff needs to be scaled up to since at least twocases have involved bartenders spiking drinks. More CCTV is needed too.

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