GERMAN beer is the order of the day in Mijas.

Sausages, pretzels and gallons of beer will flood the pueblo’s streets for the Costa del Sol’s annual German beer festival.

The festival – in and around the Miguel Gonzalez auditorium – will see more than 200 stalls food, drink and artisanal crafts.

Mijas is hosting the festival for the first time, as Mayor Angel Nozal hopes to keep the thriving daytime tourist industry partying late into the night.

The festival runs from August 21 to 23, from 8pm-2am.

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  1. Now this is about right 3 days, we have the same in Fuengirola which goes on for almost 3 weeks covering 3 weekends. I have no problem with events but when they are direct competition to a lot of the local business’ and go on for so long it is a bit harsh, especially during these difficult times.

    it was bad enough that we already have so many ferias. for example this year the Feria de Los pueblos (which I like) went on 6 nights and 5 days covering a weekend and a bank holiday, it directly effected my business which was over 50% down while it was running. Of course I am sure all tax was paid, not

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