SEMEN in the northeastern town of Tarragona is apparently the worst in all of Spain.

A local judge has launched an investigation into the cause of the low rate of sperm mobility in Tarragona’s men after rediscovering a complaint from environmental group L’Escurco dating back to 2010.

The study cited in the complaint revealed that only 6% of the town’s men have fully mobile sperm.

Researchers suspect that emissions from local petrochemical factories are to blame.

According to the data from the Marques Institute of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, the average sperm concentration of Tarragona men is a third lower than most other Spanish cities.

L’Escurco’s complaint was tabled twice since its initiation in 2010, but the Guardia Civil are now investigating which factories may be affecting Tarragona’s sperm production.



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