A SPANISH lawyer is hoping to indict the French banking magnate Baron Rothschild.

Antonio Flores, of Marbella-based Lawbird Legal Services, has formally requested for the court to charge and summon Baron David de Rothschild, the chairman of Swiss holding company, Rothschild Continuation Holdings.

There are currently two ongoing cases against N.M. Rothschild & Sons, one criminal in a court in Alicante for fraud and fraudulent advertising, and one civil in Malaga for misleading advertising.

Lawbird is representing 15 expat couples in their action against the multinational investment banking company, after allegedly being mis-sold €4 million worth of fraudulent equity release.

Flores claims the Baron is the person ultimately responsible for allowing the false advertising to be distributed in Spain for the bank’s CreditSelect Series loan.


  1. Great news, looks like the illuminati are in deep deep trouble.
    Hey Antonio Flores give them ‘hell’ in court – no pun intended.
    This article has made my day. Should you guys win next time i’m in Marbella lets have a beer & steak. Good luck.

  2. Good luck. In 2007 I wrote to the good Baron David de Rothschild and received a snappy reply from Peter Rose telling me they didnt like my tone and had reported me to their rotweiller lawyers Freshfield Brukhaus Derringer. An old pensioner was complaining about being mis sold an Equity Release plan. The good lawyers duly wrote and told me if I didnt shut up they would sue for libel. Bring it on.

    I did ask the good Baron if he would recommend the Credit Select 4 to his granny to which he made no reply. Interestingly at our trial in Marbella 29 July our lawyer Salvador Martinez Eschevarria asked Shannon the same question. The dear man felt unable to answer such a question. Bless.

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