ANIMAL rights groups continue to protest in Madrid after Spanish police put down a dog suspected of carrying Ebola yesterday. 

More than 50 police officers were sent to tackle demonstrators protesting against the destruction of the animal, who had been left at home by Teresa Romero and her husband, both of whom are in isolation in Madrid’s Carlos III hospital.

Madrid’s health chief Javier Rodríguez said the dog was put down before it was removed from the house ‘as there was no other option’.

The fate of the dog, named Excalibur, sparked huge interest on social networks, after the Ebola victim’s husband, Javier Limón, sent out a message from his hospital bed on Tuesday calling for the animal to be saved.

Romero was diagnosed with Ebola on Monday and there are currently 50 more people under observation in Spain connected to the virus.

So far, the 2014 Ebola outbreak has claimed the lives of over 3,500 people mainly in Africa.




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  1. I asked my vet about this today and she said that cats and dogs can spread the disease to humans, but they do not contract or die from the disease themselves. The death of this pet was totally unnecessary; it could have been treated and cleaned the vet told me.

    Spain leapt into action faster to kill this dog than they did to stop the virus escaping to humans. It was utter madness bringing Ebola patients to Spain to begin with.

  2. Horrible. Yet another bad decision and a cruel one this time. There was no need to kill that dog, they could have disinfected him and then put him into quarantine just to be on the safe side.

    The owners of this dog clearly love him and will be devastated.

  3. The dogs life is just as important as a humans, SO we going to kill all innocent pets of ebola victims now, selfish and ridiculous if the vet says there is no need. People only wanting to save their own skins Are a disgrace to the human race just the norm unfortunately in this world!. Why they keep moving people about the world, ebola cases should have the treatment took to them. As for nurses resigning in Spain – would anyone want to run the risk, for a wage!!!, perhaps danger pay but for me no job with a risk of putting your family at risk would be worth it, unless they have readily available access to the drug Z-map guaranteed to be put aside for them. When nurses sign up for a medical position they do not expect to put their own life in danger, they deserve support.

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