A VIOLENT criminal – who fled UK prison last October – has been caught by police after he posted pictures of himself in Alicante on Facebook.

Scott Kelly spent seven years in prison for attempted murder before breaking his probation and escaping to Spain.

Over the past year the fugitive has posted pictures of himself relaxing in restaurants, drinking with friends and even enjoying a skiing holiday in the Sierra Nevada.

Evading the police, Interpol and the National Crime Agency for 11 months, the fugitive finally gave the game away when he posted one picture of a sunset on a beach in Alicante.

Detective Inspector Paul Fell, from organised crime unit Zephyr, said: “We were able to point the Spanish police in the right direction.

“The Spanish police don’t like having British criminals living on the coast believing they are immune from the authorities so they were more than helpful and were very keen to detain him.

“I am sure Scott Kelly went to Spain and was living the high life thinking he was untouchable. Many more may feel the same – but they are not.”

The runaway was held on a European Arrest Warrant, extradited back to the UK and has now been returned to prison.

Kelly, 33, was jailed in March 2005 for attempted murder after he stabbed Stephen Rank in the back during a row in a bar in Exeter.


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