FORGET the Atkins or 5:2 diet… a simple stroll in the sun can help fight flab.

Researchers at Edinburgh University have discovered that moderate exposure to UV rays may help keep the pounds off.

The study on mice found that nitric oxide – released by the skin after exposure to sunlight – plays a key role in metabolism, fighting obesity and preventing type 2 diabetes.

“These studies are helping us to understand how the sun can be good for us,” explained Dr Richard Weller.

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  1. There are people that do take advice & people that don’t. Of those that do, many choose to take only the advice they like the sound of. In my opinion, all too many should take the advice NOT to stuff themselves with fast food, pop drinks & chocolate. They’d even save vast amounts of money but that seems of little importance to many who simply make up on “benefits”. It seems that they’re completely unaware (& probably couldn’t care less anyway) that the profits in the fast food industry are immense. Cook themselves? No way. Far too easy to waddle yet again into the nearest fast food joint & fatten up even more.

  2. Sounds like somebody won a research grant that involved him having to spend lots of time in the sun in order to write tosh of this magnitude. Wonder how many hours of sun exposure is needed to work off the effects of a single Mars Bar?

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