HOUSESITTING network,, now has more than 100 pet-sitters on their list, and has more than a few adorable dog stories to tell.

Like six-year-old dog Bella, originally from the UK, who now lives on the Costa Blanca.

When owners Jane and Brian had to return to the UK for a month, Bella met her sitter Margie online.

Expat Margie, a retired teacher living in Alicante, also had a skype call with Bella to get to know each other a little better.

Margie is now on her second housesit with the family while they go on holiday at Christmas.

For more information on, call founder and director Lamia Walker on 0044 1865 521508


  1. It’s just a matter of time before the Spanish government decides to “regulate” and licence house-sitting. I’m sure house-sitters will be forced to start paying Seguridad Social. Afterall, what they are doing is “work” in return for a “benefit”…

    The spotlight is currently on sports clubs. If you volunteer as a sports coach for a club, watch out! Especially if your costs are re-inbursed – you’ll be hauled up in front of Hacienda kangaroo courts.

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