THE disgraced mayor of Alhaurin el Grande, Juan Martin Seron, has returned to office after serving a year’s suspension for bribery charges.

PP councillors who have stood by Seron now face being ousted by the provincial PP of Malaga, Elias Bendodo, who has cut all ties with the PP of Alhaurin el Grande.

In response Seron praised the loyalty of his cabinet for keeping his office just as he had left it and thanked outgoing temporary mayor Antonia Ledesma for her year at the helm.

He said: “Can there be a clearer sign of loyalty to find my office without any changes, it looks as though no one has even sat in my chair.

“It would have been easy to forget about me, but they haven’t. I can’t thank them enough for their continual support.”

Seron went on to say that at the end of his term, in 2015, he would not be standing as a candidate for any political party.

He also said that he had been ‘used as a scapegoat to divert the gaze away from others’ and specifically referred to Jose Antonio Monagas’ ‘pleasure trips’ and corruption attached to the ERE scandal.



  1. This has to be the quote of the day and sums up Spain

    He said: “Can there be a clearer sign of loyalty to find my office without any changes, it looks as though no one has even sat in my chair”

    Spain once again moves forward and shows how to deal with public officials, I wonder how much money he made when he was out of office

  2. Beggars belief and just goes to show what a corrupt country Spain is when PP councillors stood by him, suggests they were on the take as well allegedly IMO, so wanting the problem to go right away before further finger pointing. This wouldn’t be the same PP that Senor Rajoy and his cronies belong to all of whom have evaded their own corruption scandal?

  3. We went to A. El Grande earlier this year and noticed how dirty and scruffy it looked and getting worse each year, nowhere near as nice as De La Torre. First thing Senor Corrupt needs to do is clean the place up with town funds and not pocket them for himself.

  4. The De La Torre area is definitely a nicer area, I used to rent near Lauro Golf years ago and nearly bought a cortijo nearby. There are some lovely countryside properties around here. Unfortunately the two Alhaurin’s have so many illegal builds and planning problems that it’s a risky prospect (just look on Google). Also, the whole area became so built up in the early 2000’s boom, that the two towns have almost merged, similar to what happened in Mijas. There are so many problems with Alhaurin generally that I would not consider purchasing there.

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